Bayard Advertising
Vireo authored and maintains multiple tools/sites for email marketing, job searches and recording of ad creation, developed with PHP and MySQL.

i360 Marketing
Vireo does custom Jquery/javascript/Wordpress/PHP development for this marketing company.
Hit Songs Deconstructed
Vireo does custom Jquery/javascript/PHP/MySQL development for this top online song deconstruction company.
In2une Music.
Vireo does custom Jquery/javascript/PHP development for this music and marketing company.
Vireo does website/database development for many custom programming projects for this design company.
Emergency Skills
Vireo authored and maintains a tool for scheduling online classes, drills and service calls for both the DOE and private clients. This tool was developed with PHP and MySQL and is in heavy use.
Vireo does custom development for many database driven sites for this design firm.
Sweden Unlimited
Vireo did website/database development and maintenance for a number of New York companies through a partnership with Sweden Unlimited, including but not limited to:
RES Revenue Enhancement Services
Vireo works on developing and maintaining a tool for the Medicaid Eligibility Decision System. This tool is developed with Java and Postgres, using the JGoodies framework.
Virtually Anywhere
Vireo authored and maintains a tool for rapid creation of dynamic online tours. This tool was developed with PHP and MySQL.

A project for the EBay Showhouse was also built and deployed, expecting over 20 million hits.
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